The SS18 Collection

WtR takes its inspiration for the SS18 Collection from sunny Barcelona, a coastal city rich in its history of Catalan architecture and contemporary art at the exclusive galleries in El Raval. Barcelona’s sculptural masterpieces of modern art, vıbrant botanical gardens and passıonate live music are the inspirational factors of this collection.The spirit of Barcelona is represented over three themes each capturing the essence of the city.

'Spanish Garden' - A collection of loose fitted yet feminine clothing with a vibrant and powerful palette.

'Twisted Flamenco' - Has a much softer colourway with fabulous frills, flares and ruffles with an emphasis on the waist. This “tattered romantic” collection has raw and frayed edges with beaded embellishments which are contrasted by masculine elements inspired by Carmen Amaya.

'Abstract Garden' - A chic “summer in the city” collection which features a vibrant “Bird of Paradise” print on textured silk blend and linens that are presented with intense primary colours which honour hourglass shapes and emphasize on voluminous sleeves.

The overall mood of the collection is rich, vivid and sensual. The use of luxurious fabrics such as linen blends and wool-silks lends opulence to key pieces. Elongated and loosely fitted silhouettes contrasted by rounded organic shapes and voluminous sleeves gives the collection a dynamic masculine yet contrastingly feminine feel.

Colours used throughout the collection are a true representation of Barcelona. Infusing a combination of rich and vibrant natural tones, earthy greens and hues reminiscent of the ocean such as turquoise and midnight blue. Shades of red, pink, mint and touches of bright yellow bring together a perfect palette for Spring/Summer.