The story of WtR begins in the early 1900’s when three generations of the Kocali family moved from the Baltic Countries to the city of Kars in North Eastern Turkey. It was here, where they would settle into a new life, dedicated to land and livestock, they worked laboriously as farmers. After a generation of settling into Kars, the Kocali family decided, once again to pack up the few possessions they accumulated along the years and venture to the city of dreams, Istanbul.

Aster Textile - The Parent Of WtR

With unprecedented tenacity and ambition as their only allies, the Kocali’s began to build Aster and in turn took the first big step in pursuing their longstanding objective, founding a business. They soon recognised there was a lack of high quality manufacturers with strong business acumen. So In 1993, the whole Kocali Family came together and Aster Textile was born. In his mission statement, Ismail, the eldest son and head of the family describes his desire to continuously provide for and ensure the wellbeing of his family. Today, Aster has not only successfully accomplished Ismail’s dream, it has developed into a leading Global Multi Product Textile Company, boasting three development centres in Istanbul, London and Barcelona. With wholly owned production facilities in Turkey and Serbia, investment partners in the Far East, and a flexible service for a myriad of well-established international clients, Aster offers the most flexible, creative, innovative and high quality service.

WtR Is Born

With over 20 years of successful manufacturing experience, Aster decided to dive into their most ambitious endeavour and build a brand. It was out of extensive conversations and brainstorming that WtR was born. Aster’s vision was to create a contemporary lifestyle brand with a strong sense of luxury, inspired by the contrast between structure and spontaneity, embracing effortless dressing with design-led sophistication. With accumulated experience delivering quality craftsmanship, designing exciting product and developing end product, the Kocali family joined forces once again to create the Luxury Womenswear and Homeware brand, WtR. The experience the Aster family aimed to portray was one of indulgence and desirability using premium materials and timeless design, conceptual construction with a strong focus on excellence in quality. Every garment has been carefully constructed around every woman’s wardrobe essentials with the ability to carry over effortlessly from day to night.

The Launch Of Wholesale

After the successful launch of the WtR brand, the decision was made to startgrowing the brand globally, accomplished through partnerships with key accounts and international boutiques. The brand will initially direct its focus towards the UK, Italy and the Middle East, the regions which have provided the strongest customer loyalty and following. The next step in the international growth strategy will come through working closely with carefully selected distributors and agents in key territories, optimising brand recognition and working towards building an omnichannel and worldwide experience.


The WtR online store was established with the objective of continuing to optimise the Wtr brand experience, initially introduced the previous year. With the objective of providing the customer with a 360 luxury experience from the comfort of their home, without losing the personalisation of a Brick and Mortar experience, WtR designed and launched their Luxury E-Commerce Website. The customer can now connect with the brand at a completely personal level, experiencing what WtR truly stands for: luxury and quality. Both are continually optimised as the brand expands its accessibility to its most valued customers.