Our Top 5 Poolside Reads

April 02, 2017
Our Top 5 Poolside Reads

What better way to top up the tan than to get yourself a book you can't get your nose out of? We pick our favourite holiday books that are a must have in the suitcase.

Maria ~Wholesale Manager.

"This is my a great book to take on holiday. I love the glamour, friendship and intrigue, and could not put this down even after a few cocktails by the beach."

Julia ~ Marketing team

"I read this when I was 18 on my first holiday abroad without my parents! Not only did I feel totally grown up and independent but I got lost in its epic nature, so much so that I have read and re-read it several times in the last 20 years! It's my staple for when I know I want to completely escape. With 2 kids under 7 it's been a while since it's been on holiday with me but not that I'm thinking about it I may very well revisit it. My version has a red cover, so I know exactly where it is on the book shelf if I need to pack in hurry!"

Narjis ~ Office Manager

"A fun and very quick read! Camille Perri has written a modern day Robin Hood tale and not that I condone embezzlement but this is a witty story of Tina Fontana who is an assistant to a wealthy and influential media mogul, Robert Barlow. She (accidentally... kind of) steals money from his company and pays off her student loan! From here follow Tina’s life changing series of events, chick lit is alive and well in the hands of Camille Perri. You don't have to be a millennial to enjoy the funny, snarky voice of Tina Fontana… loved this book, it's the perfect beach side read!"

Rochelle ~ Digital Marketing Manager

"I'm a sucker for a Nicholas Sparks Book after watching the notebook and never getting over Alie and Noah! I love the idea of a holiday romance and The Last Song is the perfect poolside read to get you in the mood. But don't be dissapointed if you don't meet prince charming in the bar in the evening!"

Vanessa ~ Managing Director

"I decided to go for a different type of book to the ones I normally go for, and the risk paid off! Love this book. The inspiring and powerful nature of this book make the words unforgettable. A MUST-READ!"