London-Based Female Artists On Our Radar

London-Based Female Artists On Our Radar

Looking for some inspiration? We’ve rounded up eight London-based female artists that need to be on your radar.

These cutting-edge women are creating unique art that has begun to pave the way for a multitude of young and fresh female creatives that are just waiting to break out and showcase their skills. Each artist represents and explores a diversity of female issues through awe-inspiring craftsmanship, taking form in a multitude of structures and styles.

Jala Wahid

Jala Wahid is known for her intimate sculptures and photographs. She previously studied at Goldsmiths College, University of London and is also co-founder of contemporary feminist title, SALT. magazine. Jala often uses conventional materials such as ceramics and acrylics, combined with edible components such as sugar, gelatin and sweets to construct her work which explores the beauty of the human form.

Charlotte Edey

Charlotte Edey is an illustrator and artist whose work primarily focuses on tapestry and print. Charlotte studied her Foundation year at the Chelsea School of Art in 2011. Her work has been shown at the Flowers Gallery, TJ Boulting and The Arnolfini, as well as exhibitions in Russia, Europe and America. Charlotte’s artwork examines surrealist forms and individual identity through hypnagogic scenery and additionally draws inspiration from spiritualism and contemporary architecture.

Hannah Perry

Contemporary artist and Goldsmiths graduate, Hannah Perry creates personal art that explores mental and emotional health, often expressed through large-scale sculpture, sound and film. Hannah’s work tentatively draws upon the effects of the hyper-networked society in which we live, often exhibited through immersive installments. She most recently showcased ‘Gush’ at Somerset House, a self-exploration through the physical and mental effects the experience of loss can afflict upon the body.

Alice Skinner

Illustrator and visual artist, Alice Skinner. Alice describes her work as ‘tongue in cheek illustrations’ that comment on and work as social commentary on modern 21st century life. In addition, Alice creates all the visual artwork for The Pink Protest, a community of activists who are committed to engaging in action and supporting each other. The female powered community is also the home of the #FreePeriods movement that's main goal and aim is to make sure that no girl in the UK is living in period poverty.

Laila Tara H

Born in London and raised primarily in Africa and Asia by Iranian parents, Laila Tara H’s artistic practice has been a way for her to come to terms with her identity as a woman with a culturally diverse existence. Laila is currently in the final year of her Masters at the Prince’s School of Traditional Arts in London after time spent in The Hague studying International Politics and stints in many an atelier. Technique and medium sit at the base of her practice with her oil on calque/canvas nudes and still lives conveying tales of her Western learning. Meanwhile, her current work uses natural pigments and squirrel hair brushes on traditional papers to converse with her heritage. Items and subjects which she has used in her work she considers to be her companions, neither strange nor out of the ordinary - fruit, birds, the body, shapes, things with which everyone is familiar. ‘Essentially, I’d like to think that the weight of my work is held lesser so in its final image than its process of becoming.’

Phoebe Collings-James

Phoebe Collings-James is both a visual artist and fashion model. She previously studied at Goldsmiths. Phoebe is the one exception from our criteria as, despite being born in London, she now resides in New York creating illustrations, sculptures, paintings and poetry that demonstrate an exploration of womanism, black culture and cultural identity. Her work is a representation of her personal experiences, delving into her West-Indian British heritage and roots.

Florence Given

Artist, feminist and social activist, Florence Given uses her artwork to explore eminent social issues. Her illustrations have a playful element whilst demonstrating an honest and forthright tone, with witty taglines empowering women and promoting body confidence. Florence only exhibits images in which the female is in control, juxtaposing the submissive objects that women in the past have often been presented as.

Venetia Berry

Venetia Berry is a Brixton-based artist whose artwork and paintings display the female figure through an abstract lens, simplifying the form using line work and bold colours. Venetia previously studied painting at the Leith School of Art, Edinburgh and at the Royal Drawing School. The aim of her work is to reverse the male gaze, challenging the archetypical sexualised female form.