Bespoke Luxury Flowers

April 04, 2017
Bespoke Luxury Flowers

Who doesn't love a beautiful bouquet of flowers? Whether its to say 'I'm sorry', 'I'm thinking of you', or simply...'I love you' - flowers speak for us and they always do the trick!

We all have our favourites which when we do need a moment for a floral indulgence we go for first, ours being Hydrangea's which always brighten up our store. But... what if your floral indulgence was only required once in about 6 years??? Sound impossible? It's not! WtR have now discovered Jabi, a brand with an incredible concept for flowers which will have you all wanting to try.

Handmade entirely from real flowers and foliage. Jabi products will last for years and are maintenance free. This is made possible by a patented technology - the result of 20 years of research- and a compelling passion for flowers. It represents the biggest innovation of all time in the floral industry.

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Top Parisian florists collaborated with Jabi to create a range of floral designs, wall hangings, lamp shades, table runners, giant topiaries, flower stems and much more. The foliage even maintains glorious fresh scents and fills any room with a beautiful natural aroma.

Bespoke arrangements

They also offer a bespoke and exclusive service which has resulted in some unusual productions. This bespoke service offers clients an exceptional design opportunity as flowers and foliage can be crafted into any form and size to become an integral part of an overall design theme from table centres to stand alone pieces.

Just to say...

Jabi is committed to bringing style and elegance into your environment. Our products put poetry into nature embellishing any environment. We strive for perfection but nature is already perfect so we bring you nature in all its glory to enjoy for years to come. ~ Nadine Jabi

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Truly a great find, a fantastic bespoke service for flowers which last for years.