AW17/18 New York Collection

WtR, the contemporary luxury lifestyle brand takes its inspiration for the AW17/18 Collection from the diversity and contrasts of New York City. An international magnet for all things creative and artistic, New York's amazing mix of modern and traditional architecture subtly influences a feminine range based on stunning silhouettes and a sharpness of cut that flows gracefully through a Collection of timeless pieces.

The mood of this Collection is vibrant, industrial and organic. The juxtapositions and contrasts of New York are expressed through modern, clean designs which are entirely relevant to the intelligent, professional woman of the 21st century. Pieces are contemporary but with a relevant use of detailing, textures and fabrics which effortlessly present the identity that encapsulates this unique style.

WtR's New York inspired-collection has been designed for the woman who is eclectic and free spirited. People notice her and aspire to be her. She loves newness but understands the power of the past.

Silhouettes are elongated, loosely fitted and contrasted by more rounded organic shapes. A gentle emphasis on the waist comes from layering and simple shapes, both symmetric and asymmetric.

Detailing focuses on the ever-present idea of contrasts with softly deconstructed shapes complementing strong structured lines and shiny embellishments reflecting matt textures. WtR has an exemplary ability to create interest through its fine detailing- a theme which is clearly seen and beautifully presented in this stunning new collection..

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